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SPACEWEATHER - Album - Part 2








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About this release


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1.| Daniela La Luz - ANTE PORTAS (Original Mix)
2.| Daniela La Luz - CHECK THE UNIVERSE (Original Mix)
2.| Daniela La Luz - DOUBLEBEAT (Original Mix)
4.| Daniela La Luz - BUSY BEES (Original Mix)
5.| Daniela La Luz - POCKET GALAXY (Original Mix)
6.| Daniela La Luz - ANTE PORTAS (SIMON HOLD Remix)
7.| Daniela La Luz - ANTE PORTAS (BEATLjUZe Remix)

RELEASE DATE:| Mai 2011 - Worldwide
LABEL:|Riot Riot Technique
GENRE:| Minimal | Techno | Eclectic Fusion
ARTWORK:| Riet Meert & John Doe Rüdiger
MASTERING:| Quiet Fish



Background infos


THIS EP should have came out already in the end of 2009 on an US label, but unfortunately the label fell asleep. The EP's includes 5 original tracks from DANIELA LA LUZ and 6 of the best remixes, as a result of a remix contest we called out at that time & this is the reason why the SPACEWEATHER EP is splitted in two parts, a SPACEWEATER EP Part I & SPACEWEATER EP Part II.

As you know our label is part of the motherlabel RIOT RIOT RECORDS, with this label name we have the accreditation and the heart to release music that dares to touch landscapes of Riot. Observing the rules of typical patterns of electronic music production, this EP is based on danceable and harmonic arrangements with a dash of elaboration and eclecticism of techno, techhouse & minimal.

1.| ANTE PORTAS is latin and means: IN FRONT OF THE GATES.

Whatever you connect with it, this track gives you a foretaste of how DANIELA thought about extraterrestial life.
The characteristics of this dancefloor orientated, melodic, minimal touched track are clean forward pushing beats, analogue arpeggiated scapes, alternating with sweet climaxing melodys to loosen up it's straightness given by the female vocals repeating ANTE PORTAS as an underlined message. In the last 2 minutes of the track, you can hear what's the meaning of eclectic and elaborated techno.

2.| CHECK THE UNIVERSE is a voyage into all these unanswered questions about space centralized in this track, with the purpose to make you think fearless about the universe as far as we think to know about.
It means to sit at the open window, watching and listening the raindrops falling down, while trying to find an answer for the imagination about the infinity of whats around our planet, what's not discovered yet and what probably won't be discovered ever as long we live, to finally just accept this huge unanswered questions we have to deal with, cause nature stands above us.

3.| DOUBLEBEAT - Can you imagine yourself sitting in a skyrocket, slowly lifting up while your pulsebeat increases faster and faster?

Then comes the moment when the rocket seperates from the space-capsule and you arrive in the earths orbit - it's so thrilling what you feel, what you hear and see. One time the smell of space and back please, when you listen to this track, a thrilling voyage in 5 minutes and 26 seconds.

DOUBLEBEAT is a deep and straight kicking track with deep and steady chords, slowly climaxing to the point, to the maximum, for hightlighting your very first trip into the orbit.

4.| BUSY BEES is a dancefloor orientated techno track. A spacy arpeggiator, a climaxing arrangement that could let you shape the impression of an oldschool techno track and an interesting worked out break, till the track goes in it's last third.
Maybe it's a fleet of spaceships looking like a swarm of operating objects, not obvious if they are alive or if they're just genius machines - and it doesn't matter. You can just observe them, listen them while dancing.

5.| POCKET GALAXY starts with a happy melody, highlighted by a clean snair and kick rotation. If this would be your second voyage into space (perhaps this time further than the earth orbit) your trip gets climaxed slowly into an opend minded and spheric deep mood, releasing in you a deep and satisfied feeling with a pinch of melancholy, simply beyond words...

6.| ANTE PORTAS (SIMON HOLD REMIX) SIMON HOLD is a producer and DJ from Belgium and the half of |Pitch and Hold| who produced already some representable 12'.
His remix of ANTE PORTAS is a solid techno production, led by a delayed noise scape, that dominates and pushes the whole production to a clear danceability. Slowy in and out fading melody layers glamourize this track a deep and dynamic floating - just as another experience of a tour through a galaxy. Reliable is, that you can play this track any time of the night.

7.| ANTE PORTAS (BEATLJUZE REMIX) - To close this unique Part I of this EP you hear BEATLJUZE's reconstruction of ANTE PORTAS, a track that could be the end credit of SPACEWEATHER movie, leading us out and back to reality in a sugary way, by adding tribal pieces and sweet bells for the sweetness of a unique trip we had into other dimensions. Usually he's a hip hop producer and the first step into electronic music he did by joining our contest.

Stay alert, because Part II will come right after!




















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