RIOT RIOT RECORDS (incl. 3 sublabels) was founded in april 2010 by the two indonesian rooted brothers LILIJAN & ORCHIDAN, based in Augsburg | Bavaria | Germany.

Both Brothers are musicians, being busy with several projects. Together they are performing live on stage as HANUAN TRIBE, MOMENT MUSIK or together with MISUK. Nevertheless. In November 2010 the brothers assigned the RIOT RIOT TECHNIQUE sublabel to RIET and DANIELA, for having more space to concentrate on their genre, as the sublabels RIOT RIOT BROKEN and RIOT RIOT ELECTRIQUE.

In 2011 Riet and Daniela moved to BERLIN/Germany,


where´s now the homebase of Riot Riot Technique.

|RRT004| Fischer & La Luz - Panorama EP | is the first release Riet and Daniela prepared themselfes as the new Technique labelheads.

Riet is running PARALLEL - Agency For New Art & Music, is Graphic Designer and Streetart Artist designing her handsewed CHICAs.

Daniela alias DANIELA LA LUZ is a musician and since 2007 busy with performing as a Live Act as well as Producing mainly dancefloormusic.

The motivation of overtaking the label was simply a big love and passion for music in our life, filling out our whole heart.


RIOT RIOT TECHNIQUE is mainly focussed on releasing dancefloororientated music.

Nevertheless, our future releases will not be driven by any market strategys - we simply bring out what touches us and what transports a good vibe, simply music we feel!

We love artistical freedom in music, because only creative trys and openness can bring us closer to discover/achieve innovation and shape the diversity of individual artists.

If you have any questions, don´t hesitate to get in touch with us

» riotriottechnique AT googlemail DOT com «


The 3 sublabels from RIOT RIOT RECORDS

Riot Riot Broken




Riot Riot Technique